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We have a wide-ranging portfolio of work from classic content management and database-oriented websites through to XML work, data migration projects, e-commerce and general consultancy and advice.

Emphasis is always placed on usability – both of website front ends, and of the information they present. Increasingly this requires a reactive single page application for smart phone, tablet and PC consumption.

If you have information which needs taming, organising, or presenting, please contact me at steve@henleycloudconsulting.co.uk


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Technology has the power to determine winners and losers in any business. It can help a successful business to outpace slower moving competition. Web services & applications can often deliver a substantial return on investment.

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We can help with many aspects of web development projects including liaison with customers, business case, requirements specification, system design / prototype / build, integration, vendor selection & management, documentation, test, go-live and support.

… sell your services and products while you sleep …

… automate document and media asset workflows…

… web applications to present and interact with information … 

… share business information and automate processes …

Implemented a new e-commerce store front to replace an ageing and insecure system. In consultation with the client, we decided to build the new version as a subdomain to serve an existing WordPress site to allow easy administration by the site admin team. Built as a combination of WordPress, FormStack, Stripe and Xero with custom API integration to improve self-service conference registration. Our responsibilities covered the entire project from design to test, user training and go live.

Platform: WordPress (PHP), FormStack, Stripe and Xero


web publishing

Recently delivered a project to commission a new web publishing system for academic journals. Our responsibilities included system/vendor selection, project management, system design and build, platform customisation, billing system integration, migration of 5 academic journals back issues covering 2001-2020 (~2000 articles and ~2500 user accounts) data via XML import. Tailoring of article submission and review workflow, administrator user training, go live, release and upgrade process.

Platform: Open Journal Systems (PHP) with Python and XML migration

For MerlinERD, we created a set of online calculator tools to provide an attractive and useful utility to encourage return visitors and boost website engagement. These included tools to Diagnose a Stuck Pipe Mechanism and an Annular Velocity Calculator. Both an immediate online result was shown and the ability to get a more complete PDF report in exchange for email address. These used Gravity Forms, JavaScript and PHP under the hood/ 

Platform: Gravity Forms, JavaScript, PHP

online tools

google maps

Built a custom Google Maps based booking system that provides a low friction client booking process including (i) intelligent location selection by click or search, (ii) interactive date and time session check and select picker, (iii) automatic travel time calculation and distance based pricing, (iv) package options and online payments integration. Sessions are integrated with a back end Events Calendar system for the business admin team. Additional features included a Photo Gallery and WooCommerce integration for interactive product selection and payment. Please request a demo.

Platform: WordPress Custom Plugins, PHP, WooCommerce, Envira Gallery

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