Joined-Up Accounting

Cloud Services

The new generation of cloud services now offers business automation capabilities that were the sole province of large enterprises a few years ago.

Bottlenecks & Challenges

You have built an engaging website to interest and convert customers, your digital marketing is driving more leads and your e-commerce platform provides a 24 hour online sales and fulfilment channel. Is the technology revolution in the “front end” of your business matched across all of your business areas? Do you detect any of these symptoms In your operations:

  • Key processes are run on Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Your team is rekeying information from one system to another
  • People rely on import & export to glue systems together (“csv hell”)
  • It is difficult to re-assign tasks to cater for shifts in demand
  • Non-standard transactions lead to errors and rework
  • Time is spent on low value “paper shuffling” tasks

Cloud Services are at the forefront in addressing and solving these challenges.

Joined-Up Accounting

Once e-commerce transactions are up and running, your sales transactions are generating order confirmation emails automatically and can allow customers to track shipping and delivery. Often the order confirmation can be formatted as a sales invoice.

However, your accountant knows that when a sales invoice is created, they must post a debit to the accounts receivable ledger and when a payment is received this must be applied to the invoice via a credit to the ledger. The accounting treatment differs for products, services and subscriptions. So the invoice must often be generated twice, and a new client record must be created in your accounts software – information that has already been captured must be re-entered with the potential for errors and duplicate records.

There must be a better way!

Cloud Services can help via invoice automation, connecting your e-commerce and accounts software to create and send invoices right first time. This means you save time, reduce errors and get paid sooner.

Business Benefits

focus your resources on higher value activities
scale up your business, but not your costs
detect lost business and identify bottlenecks
fewer errors and more consistent service

Technology has the power to determine winners and losers in any business – and confers the power for successful businesses to take on slower moving competition. The success of Cloud Services has been driven by the substantial return on investment they deliver.

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